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Prejudice and truth

Prejudice: »All refugees are terrorists.«

Firas about generalised untruths.

Find out more about Firas from Syria.

Prejudice: »All refugees are criminals.«

Arif compares himself to Pegida leader Lutz Bachmann.

Prejudice: »They are lazy and dangerous.«

Aglia doesn’t think much of prejudice.

Find out more about Aglia from Syria.

Prejudice: »Refugees don’t want to integrate themselves.«

German is the 6th language Bakary has to learn.

Prejudice: »Only economic refugees are coming.«

Hakim about economic refugees and the AfD.

Find out more about Hakim from Syria.

Prejudice: »The refugees are only here for the money.«

Najlaa only wants to survive.

Find out more about Najlaa from Syria.

Prejudice: »Living together in peace is endangered.«

Firas has his own opinion about this.

Find out more about Firas from Syria.

Prejudice: »Along with refugees the rate of criminal activity will rise astronomically.«

Jasmin enquired about this at the Federal Criminal Police Office.

Find out more about Yasmin from Syria.

Prejudice: »Only the AfD can save us now.«

Fadi has examined their election manifesto in detail.

Find out more about Fadi from Syria.

Prejudice: »The refugees are stealing the jobs from German people.«

Even if Taim wanted to do that, it wouldn’t be that easy.

Find out more about Taim from Syria.

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Mareike Geiling has experienced a lot of things in her day to day life at »Refugees Welcome«. But nothing remotely like what the vicious hate preachers claim in their videos. That’s why it was important to »Refugees Welcome« to try to counteract this hate and prejudice. With the campaign »Search racism. Find truth.« they are taking a stand for more understanding. For a better future. For the refugees and for all of us.

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